Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday's Thought

All the time I think of things that I consider putting on my blog and then don't. Why.......... sometimes to busy, sometimes I forget but the biggest reason I wonder is this subject to opinionated, is it to much for a little blog??? Then worried to hurt someone's feelings I don't do it......... WELL.......................................... NOT ANYMORE!!!! Welcome to my Thursday entries, called Thursday's Thought. Here, every Thursday I will share my thoughts, feeling and my opinion on subjects on my mind and in the media. So, I say to you: do not be upset or take it personally if we don't agree on these things. What I believe is that we all need to have an opinion, a belief and to take a stand in the things that we know. It is okay for us to all not agree on everything but having an opinion does matter. Here we go....................................................

This past weekend Mr. Football went to a sleepover at one of his friends house here in our ward. SLEEPOVER, just the word brings people's ears to attention and thier tongues ready to lash out what they believe is right or wrong with sleepovers. So I know that there are parents who "do" the sleepover thing and those who don't. There are parents who "do" the just stay late thing and those who don't. I did not however know the serious battles that this subject brings until a few months ago. Now, what I think is that the parents should sit down together and decide what is best for thier children on the matter. Here at this house, the parents agree that if we know the family well and feel that it is a safe place to be, where we know our child will be treated kindly, and we feel comfortable with it then it is okay. So, no coming home from school and us agreeing to a sleepover at Billy's house, the new kid who we don't know and don't know the family. We MUST know the family, and feel good about it. Mr. Football and his buddy were so excited, his mom was also excited and shared with me that she was relieved I didn't call her and cry her out for being a mom that thinks sleepovers are okay. Really?!?!? A mom would call to let you have it when you don't have the same opinion on the matter. So, her comments brought me back to a few months ago when I some how was put into the "Sleepover's are they good or bad" discussion. The parents with whom it was discussed do not agree with sleepovers at all, not even to late overs. So, yea I say to having an opinion and standing strong for what you feel is right for your children but the next hour is what has really bothered me. Because I don't have the same opinion they tried to make me feel like I am not doing the best for my children, and that some how because I say okay to the occasional sleepover I am less of a mother than she. Yes, I will say you have some excellent points on why they are not a great idea but they are to be shared with your family. I am just as good a mother as you are and I am doing what is best for my children. During the conversation, they also thought it was wrong that I would allow my children to have a sleepover with thier cousins, my golly if you can't trust your family than who can you trust. I mean it's not like I am sending them to my crazy second cousin Billy twice removed or anything. Anyway, I could ramble on about this but I have thought about it over the last week and thought I would share. Oh and by the way Mr. Football had a fabulous time at his sleepover and to the family I say thankyou. One more thing, during this lengthy discussion they brought up this: Don't you remember all the things you did at sleepovers, you don't want your children doing those things. The most horrible things we ever did were staying up all night so we were nice and happy the next day, an occasional toilet paper, made a few prank calls and may even called a few boys. I think I would survive if that is the worst my kids do and my most favorite sleepovers were with my cousins. So, no matter the side of the fence you sit on, I am glad that you have a side to sit and all I would like to see if for all adults to respect each others opinions and let it be.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


The BEST SECRET i have ever kept!!!! I made it to the end, our kids were so SURPRISED and so EXCITED about the SURPRISE trip to DISNEYLAND!!!! We had so much fun from the start to the very end, who couldn't have a blast at the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH!!! Rides, parades, shows, characters, food and FUN!! Mr. Football was finally tall enough for the Maliboomer and LOVED it! Our cheerleader finally tall enough for the Oranger Stinger and LOVED it, good thing she was able to take a swing around the orange because at the end of June it will take its last flight! In a few years it will be a new ride. And Wild Man well he loved it all, the rides, (but the Zephyr did help for his chocolate milk to come back up, YEA!! for mom) the characters, just being outside and the treats! It was GREAT! Here are a few photos of the FUN

Family photo with Mickey Mouse himself.

What lady doesn't need this fancy gold bag that can hold it all plus tells you the time. We put up a fight for it but she was mean with that walker!!

Ready to become a bug in bug's life. Gotta have BUG EYES!

Waiting for the Fireworks and having some fun!

Mom and our cheerleader riding the new Small World.

Mr. Football and our Cheerleader hanging out at California Adeventure with Goofy.

Johnson dad might have someone follow in his footsteps. Wild Man checking out the tires.

The "famouse" picture spot in the park. Gotta have one for every trip.

A little fun in the California Sun. Our family with Erika, our aunt with some cheerleading skills.

Pluto and Wild Man! Wild Man thought the characters were great! Especiall Pluto.

We were here to Celebrate! Just Celebrating Family Fun!!!

Nothing better than Tinkerbell to surprise you.
To make it a PERFECT finish to an AWESOME trip, we left with ANNUAL PASSES!! Yes, this disney geek is HAPPY!!!!! So to the Johnson dad I say from one DISNEY GEEK to another, when can we go?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?