Wednesday, August 19, 2009


During the last year of my grandmothers life I would see her a lot. I was there every week to clean her house, take her grocery shopping and take her to her doctor appointments during that time I learned a lot from her. One of the things she told me about is when my dad was a little boy. She told me some funny story's about him. One of those story's was about her doing the laundry and always finding surprises in his pockets, once he had a whole handful of bees that he had caught and brought home to show her but had forgotten about. She found them! Just as I am sure anyone with boys knows when doing laundry there are always surprises. I have found rocks, money, rocks, trash I mean treasures that have been discovered somewhere, candy and rocks. Today I opened the washer to remove the cloths and I found legos, not just 2 or 3 but like 45 or 50 lego pieces. After laughing and collecting them. I ask "how did these get in the wash", the response, "that was my airplane, I was hiding it in the cloths. You washed it." Never thought I would find a whole load of legos. I guess they are nice and shiny now.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Schools in for a new year

School is Back in Session

Today was an exciting day but also a sad day for this mom. Mr. Football went to the fourth grade yesterday. Could I really be that old??? Is he really that old???? It is hard when my kids go to kindergarten but first grade is harder for me. Today my cheerleader left the car in the morning and didn't come back until after school. When did she grow up? When did they grow up. I sure love them a lot!! Now, Wild Man it is just me and you. (Wild Man looked around for the kids a lot today, I could tell he was missing them just as much as me)

Our Cheerleader ready for first grade.

Mr. Football heads to fourth grade

Where have we been????

Have you been wondering what happened to us????????? SUMMER!!!! The Johnson house enjoyed 9 weeks of summer. See some of the things we did. You might have to go into older post because we filled up the 9 weeks with swimming, lunch at the park, field trips, sleepovers, learning and more............. Check it out!

Wild Man cheered for everyone. Strike, gutterball or ball in the wrong lane, he cheered dis heart out. He loved it
When I told the Cheerleader to bring socks if she was wearing flip flops I thought she would put them in the diaper (you know it is where all the treasures go) but when we arrived this was the sight!!! Gotta love it.

The Bowlers

Visit Kennocott, had to have a photo with this tire. Daddy do you sell those??

Everyone liked seeing the big hole and all the massive trucks

Wheeler Farm

Seeing the pigs swimming to keep cool
All the kids having fun

Wild Man likes the cow

The big kids playing around

Meeting Uncle Pepsi's puppy Charlie for the first time. And yes that is a kiss from the Wild Man.
The Cheerleader lost her 1st tooth and the 2nd about 3 weeks later.

The girls at the Sweets Candy Factory. What a fun tour.

The boys at the Candy Factory. Loved the samples.

SLEEPOVERS!!! make a summer vacation.

Going to the Tracy Aviary
Having Fun seeing the birds

Gotta love a pink bird

Next to the resroom is a nest with all these babies. The kids LOVED watching them

Playing on the 4th. Wild Man and his 2nd cousin
Swimming in aunt Bev's pool with our 2nd cousin

Seeing the parade and getting candy

The Firetruck

Watching the parade

Lots of laying out on the driveway
popsicles to be enjoyed

Sprinkler fun

Wild Man was a pro when it came to running through the sprinklers

Cooking Class included fun aprons

Our Baseball team got to go the Field of Dreams at the Bees Game. Mr. Football telling his name and position on the team
Baseball came to an end

Our Cheerleader performed with her cheer class

She was cute up there on the stage

Showing her moves

Seeing the new Oquirrh Mountain Temple
It is beautiful and the kids loved seeing the inside.

Our Cheerleader graduated from kindergarten.

The Johnson Mom found out what happens when you give a toddler chocolate on a hot summer day. (Not the smartest idea I ever had)


Seeing Elephants
Seeing the Alligator show his teeth

Watch a Black Bear devour a watermelon

Wild Man enjoying the sights and sounds. He loves animals.

All the kids having fun and being silly. Mr. Football, our Cheerleader and their cousins.