Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday's thought

Here we are on another Thurday and what does that mean............................................. you got it! My thought that belongs to Thursday and remember these are just my feelings and that is that. Today I had that most looked forward appointment of the year, you know the one where you pay way to much money to sit there for way to long to go into the room and there sit naked for way to long just to have your doctor stare at your naked body!! I will say though for not being the most looked forward thing to do IT IS A MUST!!! If you haven't had an exam with your doctor this year GET IT DONE!!! It is so worth making sure all is good. Alright so I had my turn today and now I can check that off the list and know that for at least another year only the Johnson dad will be seeing me naked. (Knock on wood to keep me safe from any injury) I for the first time left all 3 kids, yes including Wild Man with a teenage babysitter. A little nervous for me but to her, we will call her babysitter, to our babysitter THANKYOU!!! It all went well and Wild Man didn't even cry. Wish the babysitter could be in the nursery at church. Okay back to my appointment. I get there ON TIME, fill out paper work for new insurance and start the wait. I glance over magazines, no interest in the pregnancy ones, no can't speak spanish so no interest into the spanish ones and finally find 2 I can look through. 45 minutes into my wait the door opens and in walks a pregnant teenage girl. She is young, dressed in very fancy maternity clothing, wearing a pair of fancy high heeled sandals, toes painted, flowers applied and little diamonds on them, finger nails look the same. In hand is boyfriend also dressed in the best and wearing way to much cologne. Makes me wonder either he is hiding a not so great smell or thinks he smells good that way. She approaches the counter and what do ya know the women behind the counter know her by name. They don't look as cheery as they did a moment ago. Then conversation goes like this: Office lady " Your over an hour late" Pregnant girl " We tried to get here on time" Office lady "I will have to see if we can fit you in but this will be the last time, you must come at your scheduled appointment" Boyfriend "We tried but the bus was slow" WHAT!?!?!?!?!? The bus follows the same schedule everyday so maybe you should take one that leaves sooner. I am also wondering are you going to take the bus when she goes into labor. Office lady "Do you have your paper work with you this time" Pregnant girl "I have this" and then pulls out of her fancy little purse a folded up piece of paper. Looked like a little folded note that she would pass to a friend in the hall at school. The office lady unfolds it and smooths it out. Office lady "This is not right, this is the same thing you brought last time. We need your paperwork from Baby your baby and Medicaid" Pregnant girl " Can you call my mom and tell her because I don't know which paper that is." Office lady after big sigh "Let me go call this number, pointing to the paper she is holding and make sure we can still see you today, you must bring the papers to your next appointment or we will not see you again until you do. She leaves the counter and the girl and boyfriend sit down. Both pull out those fancy i touch cell phones. He seems to be texting and I think she is on the internet. About 10 minutes later the office lady returns and says the doctor will see you today but this is the last time we will see you late or without your paperwork. WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??! And what about that sign that says if your more than 15 minutes late you will be asked to resschedule and you will be billed?????? So here is how I see it: when your a pregnant teenager, you get to wear high end maternity clothing, get your toes and fingernails fake nailed, painted, flowered, and diamond all up, carry a fancy little hand bag, drag around your dumb boyfriend, get on the internet with your fancy cell phone, show up an hour late for your appt and still be seen and IT IS ALL PAID FOR by us the tax payers. Now maybe you are saying shame on you Johnson mom for thinking like that and maybe shame on me but this is how I see it. I know of family's that use those state programs that truly do deserve it and I don't mind my taxes going to pay for them. But , all 3 pregnancies I wore my 3 wal mart maternity shirts over and over and over and when I got so big with Wild Man they didn't cover my whole belly, I would stretch them just to make them fit. I don't have money to get my nails painted let alone fake nails on with flowers and diamonds and the cell phone!!!!! What about that, I don't know about you but I have the most basic of basic but when your a pregnant teenager you can have top of the line. Guaranteed if I would have been late I would be paying for being late and paying for the rescheduled date. Our System really sucks!!!! I got to pay to sit there all day while she waltzed in and was seen for FREE! Wild Man is 19 months old and I am still paying for having him. My note to the Johnson: We did it all wrong, to bad we didn't know each other in high school cause we could be stupid high schoolers who can't get on the bus early enough, can't remember to bring some very important papers but hey we could look really good while we were pregnant. The best part of it is the government will pay for. Kind of Scary to think they are going to be parents. Hope they don't forget to feed the baby.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday's thought

Here we are rounding the corner to another weekend. Exciting? Yes!!! Scary at how fast time flys? Positively Yes!! But we can't hit the weekend until you here my thought that belongs to Thursday and as always remember it is my thoughts and not ment to touch a nerve but my belief is Having your own opinion on every matter worthy is what matters.
As I have been thinking about Thursday getting here and what idea I would pluck from the sea of flowing thoughts running my brain I had considered and planned on sharing my feelings about Jon & Kate plus 8. Should I be embarrased I watch the show?.?.? Maybe, these day's I spend more time being disgusted by thier parental behaviors and saddend to see what money can do to a family. My blog would have focused on what I am disgusted about, what I think about divorce and what I believe it does to the children no matter the ages and what I think they should do not that I have a say. I would have typed wildly about how fearing embarrasement of someone catching me read the magazines in line at the checkout I would quietly peak at them to see if there is an update on where their family sits and where it is going. Do I continue to watch I don't know but for today I am not going to share those thoughts.
Today I want to share something fun. I believe, well no I know that I have the best pediatrician in the world. I know we all think that but I know!!!!!! Today Wild Man made his monthly visit into the doc. He must love the doc and his awesome nurse Jane why else would he make a monthly visit. Over the last few days he hasn't been feeling well and with a fever and some other issues I made a call in this morning. I always hate to hear the words your docotor isn't in today but we have an opening with so and so. Those are the words I got to hear this morning. I made an appt with another okay qualified to see my baby doc. Upon arriving, giving blood to cover my co-pay. (Really money but soon may be blood) and hearing the shout out for our entrance to a room, the nurse left. After a few minutes of waiting here comes our doc. What? I thought you were off today?!?!? After the what are you doing here glance this is what I hear " Hey, fancy meeting you here. If you promise not to tell anyone I am here then I want to see Wild Man myself." I of course jump at the offer and hand over heart promised not to tell another soul in the office, especially the front desk. Come to find out, he had stepped in the office to take care of some paper work before going for a long weekend with his son. How awesome is that!!! He took time out of his hurry and get my stuff done so I can start the weekend day to see my Wild Man. Can I say I LOVE him. Is that wierd, I don't know but I do. I have always known he was awesome and there have been moments when he has gone beyond all to be a good doc but today I would give him my right arm. So there you have my thought for thursday, my love for the greatest doc in the world. The only thing that would make him better is if he made house calls.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Back in business

What happens when your monitor breaks and you can't get on your computer for a week. You go crazy!! Our monitor went out and we waited for a new and finally that great UPS man dropped one off on our porch. A plus to have an almost totally blind husband is when he orders your new monitor, he goes BIG!!!!! He got it all hooked up and we are now back in business. (Thanks Johnson dad) No Thursday thought this week due to my down time just some family catch up. Our cheerleader graduated from kindergarten!! Mr. Football leaves 3rd grade today and Wild Man became a tank. (he has hovered around the 15-20% zone for wieght but at his 18 month he hit the 55% zone.) We are excited for summer and have some wild ideas for some summer fun! Stay posted for that. What kind of entertainment have we been enjoying you may be asking, well I will tell you: We went and saw Disney's Up and WE LOVED IT!! Totally a go see. The most exciting thing is what has been happening on our street. Monday, the ice cream man was making his rounds and either had a heart attack or a seizure and fell out of his van landing on his head. There he lay knocked out and blood running from his head. 2 fire trucks, 1 ambulance and 3 police cars later he left for the hospital unsure of who he was or what he was doing. Being smack dab in front of our house we had front row seats and it was exciting. On wednesday our next door nieghbor (the middle school age girl) decided to light her garage on fire and there was plenty of gasoline for the party. We again got to see the fire truck, the ambulance and 4 police cars. Luckily the fire only stayed in the garage and the house is okay. So to all kids out there DON'T PLAY WITH MATCHES!!!! It was a good lesson for my children. Wild Man LOVES the lights and sirens and he stood staring out the front window clapping and screaming and waving. He loved the show! Then on Wednesday we watched the sherrif's surround a house with rifles pointed at the front door, the door opens and some guy came out with his hand up. (Note: this thank goodness was not on my street it was in the neighborhood above mine) What excitement huh!?!?!? It has been pretty quiet since Wednesday, kind of boring!! HaHa. Just kidding. Our cheerleader and I went on a field trip to the zoo on Monday and we had a great time! No baseball games this week, to much rain and our cheerleader performs on Saturday and then we are done for the summer. I will try to post some photos soon of some of our fun.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday's thought

What have I been thinking about through out the last week? I know you have been wondering; okay so maybe you haven't but it is Thursday and that means it is time for Thursday's thought. The thought that keeps going through my mind. My little cheerleader started Kindergarten a year ago. Where did the year go?????? I can't believe were here at that mark in the road, the one that means she is officially a big school girl. Am I ready for her to go to 1st grade. Yes, no, maybe, I don't know?!?!?!?!? She is ready and so excited and I am so excited that she is so excited but I will miss her so much. I know she is already in school but Kindergarten is so quick and then she is home. Home to play, to TALK, to have lunch with me and did I say to TALK. I just think the last 6 years and flown by and this last year was like a blink before I know it she will be 16 and driving!!!!!! If I am wiping tears away for 1st grade what is it going to be like for 16 and driving. I vote, our children can't grow another year older, smarter, bigger, or better until we say so. I just need one more year of her being a little girl and then we can move on to the big girl stuff, well................................................................................ maybe.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Yes, 2 posts in one day! I must have alot to say. So, look at that face on My Little Wild Man, don't you just want to pick him up and squeeze him! I do. So, as cute as he looks in this photo it comes with a story. He has the loudest scream you have ever heard. He screams when he is excited, bored, mad, sad, sees something that he wants to show you or see's someone he knows, okay so you probably get that he screams all the time. In the photo, he is screaming with joy to go see goofy. His scream is really getting embarrassing and every day it gets louder and louder. I have tried a few things to stop it and nothing I have done works. Any ideas???? I could use them before he breaks my ear drums.

Turkey Leg anyone??

There is nothing better than a HOT and JUICY TURKEY LEG from DISNEYLAND!!!! I thought I would post about my battle with the bulge, I know I haven't said much about it. Before Disneyland things were going well I was down 10 pounds and feeling good then we went on vacation and I lost control. I just kept thinking we are doing a lot of walking, I can eat another churro, oh it's just one more ice cream and we can have a breakfast buffet and I just won't eat lunch. Ya didn't go so well, I came back plus 4 pounds but I am finally back down to a loss of 10 pounds. YEA!!! 10 1/2 weeks until the wedding and I would like to see 10 more pounds. If food didn't taste so good!!!!!!!!!!! I will say I don't regret my 4 Disneyland pounds they were worth it! I am curious though when people do weight watchers they lose like 4 and 5 pounds a week, I average 1 to 1 1/2 pounds per week. My guess is that they are eating less than I am but I will be happy with 1 pound per week if that means I can still have a treat and a pepsi. Anyway, there it is 10 pounds down and still 25-30 to go but hey in 30 weeks I will be there. :)