Thursday, May 27, 2010

Swagger Wagon!!

I just have to say I am a proud swagger wagon momma!!! This ones for all of you "mini van haters" out there.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jury Duty

I was called to jury duty today. They say it's a good thing, your right as an american, your duty as an American................ I would like to someday sit on a jury but not this day. My kids are so little and the thoughts of not being home and in charge of them is scary. The oldest 2 would be in school all day and Wild Man was dropped off at my best friends house; and that right there is reason to worry. Oh Wild Man how you wear me out and now I have dropped you off to wear out the friends.:) I have never had the honor/duty/stress of jury service before. I have recieved 2 you will do this invites but one was to take place the week my little cheerleader was born and the other just months after Wild Man was born. I sent a note back saying with her hey I will be giving birth that week and recieved back you have been relieved of service. Then with Wild Man I called and asked "can I bring a nursing bab". I already knew the answer would be no and they said they would put me back in the pool for a later date. Well, later arrived and last night I heard the automated lady say I would be needed for duty on the 12th. Oh yea!!!!!! My letter to her would say: Dear Automated Lady, do you know what it is like for a momma of 3 to have to hang up the phone and then find a sitter for the Wild Man, find a sub to cover your crossings, call your crossing partner to fill in the details, help 2 big kids to memorize the schedule of going to school, coming home from school, getting ready for baseball and so on. If I could make one teeny tiny request is there anyway we can know maybe 24 hours in advance so that finding the substitute mommy, taxi, crossing guard would be a little easier. All arrangements were made, I got there on time (i know, big accomplishment for me) and then sat and waited and waited!!! In the end I was not chosen and I relieved the sub mommy and took over the schedule. Someday, when the kids are big and life for me has less in it I would really enjoy sitting on a jury and partaking in my rights as an American but I am glad it wasn't today.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

More Football

Regular season football! Here we go GRIZZLY CHAMPIONS!!!!!

The team is ready to play mean!!
Mr. Football ready to play.

1st regular season game and we WON!!!! Mr. Football had 2 touchdowns and even got to show us his end zone dance, found out they are not allowed but hey we got to see one!!! YES!

Game 2, got to smile for your mom. Mr. Football had some awesome runs on offense and around 45 tackles on defense. He is a lean, mean, football machine! I love it!!

We Won this game also! We are now 2-0. P.S. This game was against the enemy of enemies Bingham and we beat them!!!!!!!! WooHoo!!!!!!!!
Keep up the good work Champions!!! Your AWESOME out there.

Football- Pre Season

Finally after tryouts, 5 practices every week for over a month, plays memorized, scrimage games held it is time, Football Season is going to start. The official pre-season game is here, the game where you get to play on the high school football field, here the game announced over the sound system, have your fans cheer you on up in the bleachers and the best thing show that other team what you are made of. Your a Football Player now, not just a boy wearing a helmet, cleats, pads, and a jersey but you are a Football Player. This day was all Mr. Football dreamed about and nothing, NOTHING was going to keep him from showing the other team what he was made of. This 9 year old boy who practiced until he was sore, stopped drinking pop and no candy, this boy who taught his mom all about the plays so that she would know what was going on, this boy who would play both sides of the line, going for touch downs and tackling the other team. He was ready and excited!!! Nothing would stop him, nothing................................................ but the Flu. The night before the big game Mr. Football and The Cheerleader both got the flu. (Side not: Wild Man had just gotten over it) He was up about every 45 min all through the night puking his guts out. ( I know that's what you want to mentally picture) When he wakes in the morning and gets suited up what do you say. As a mom your heart breaks because you know how hard he has worked for this day, you know how bad he wants that touch down and you know the team needs him. Dad, who is also the assistant coach offers a prayer and they are off. Grandma comes to the rescue for The Cheerleader and I take Wild Man to the high school.

After arriving I see my Mr. Football sitted on the bench where he can puke out of sight from his team. Tears are streaming down his cheeks. Coach who became just dad today out on the football field had to tell him there wouldn't be any touch downs today. My heart was sad for both of them but was also greatful for the dad to say no when the coach side wante to send him out there to play. There will be plenty more games to play and touchdowns will come. I am proud of my Little Man for suiting up and watcing his team beat Hunter.

I Love You Mr. Football!!!!!!! You will be Awesome this Football Season!!

The Wedding

Every bow tie wiggled in place, every dress zipped, every suspender snapped into place and every shoe fitted. The day finally arrived. My sister's wedding was perfect. The temple was amazing and wonderful and the party was awesome!! From the cold stone ice cream to the candy table to the cake, it was all her.

My sis and her hubby having fun at their party and what's a party without Pepsi!
The cheerleader and her cousins looking cute!

Mr. Football being cool with his cousin.

Wild Man doing what he does best - Getting into Trouble. Water is a magnet.

The Wedding Cake! So crazy but so perfect!!! Go th One Sweet Slice to get yours.
In all it was a perfect day for a perfect couple. We love you guys! Congrats!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


During the last year of my grandmothers life I would see her a lot. I was there every week to clean her house, take her grocery shopping and take her to her doctor appointments during that time I learned a lot from her. One of the things she told me about is when my dad was a little boy. She told me some funny story's about him. One of those story's was about her doing the laundry and always finding surprises in his pockets, once he had a whole handful of bees that he had caught and brought home to show her but had forgotten about. She found them! Just as I am sure anyone with boys knows when doing laundry there are always surprises. I have found rocks, money, rocks, trash I mean treasures that have been discovered somewhere, candy and rocks. Today I opened the washer to remove the cloths and I found legos, not just 2 or 3 but like 45 or 50 lego pieces. After laughing and collecting them. I ask "how did these get in the wash", the response, "that was my airplane, I was hiding it in the cloths. You washed it." Never thought I would find a whole load of legos. I guess they are nice and shiny now.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Schools in for a new year

School is Back in Session

Today was an exciting day but also a sad day for this mom. Mr. Football went to the fourth grade yesterday. Could I really be that old??? Is he really that old???? It is hard when my kids go to kindergarten but first grade is harder for me. Today my cheerleader left the car in the morning and didn't come back until after school. When did she grow up? When did they grow up. I sure love them a lot!! Now, Wild Man it is just me and you. (Wild Man looked around for the kids a lot today, I could tell he was missing them just as much as me)

Our Cheerleader ready for first grade.

Mr. Football heads to fourth grade