Thursday, September 17, 2009

Football- Pre Season

Finally after tryouts, 5 practices every week for over a month, plays memorized, scrimage games held it is time, Football Season is going to start. The official pre-season game is here, the game where you get to play on the high school football field, here the game announced over the sound system, have your fans cheer you on up in the bleachers and the best thing show that other team what you are made of. Your a Football Player now, not just a boy wearing a helmet, cleats, pads, and a jersey but you are a Football Player. This day was all Mr. Football dreamed about and nothing, NOTHING was going to keep him from showing the other team what he was made of. This 9 year old boy who practiced until he was sore, stopped drinking pop and no candy, this boy who taught his mom all about the plays so that she would know what was going on, this boy who would play both sides of the line, going for touch downs and tackling the other team. He was ready and excited!!! Nothing would stop him, nothing................................................ but the Flu. The night before the big game Mr. Football and The Cheerleader both got the flu. (Side not: Wild Man had just gotten over it) He was up about every 45 min all through the night puking his guts out. ( I know that's what you want to mentally picture) When he wakes in the morning and gets suited up what do you say. As a mom your heart breaks because you know how hard he has worked for this day, you know how bad he wants that touch down and you know the team needs him. Dad, who is also the assistant coach offers a prayer and they are off. Grandma comes to the rescue for The Cheerleader and I take Wild Man to the high school.

After arriving I see my Mr. Football sitted on the bench where he can puke out of sight from his team. Tears are streaming down his cheeks. Coach who became just dad today out on the football field had to tell him there wouldn't be any touch downs today. My heart was sad for both of them but was also greatful for the dad to say no when the coach side wante to send him out there to play. There will be plenty more games to play and touchdowns will come. I am proud of my Little Man for suiting up and watcing his team beat Hunter.

I Love You Mr. Football!!!!!!! You will be Awesome this Football Season!!

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  1. Poor Brayden!! I felt so bad for him. What a trooper to go support his teammates! He looks so cute in his uniform.