Thursday, May 27, 2010

Swagger Wagon!!

I just have to say I am a proud swagger wagon momma!!! This ones for all of you "mini van haters" out there.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jury Duty

I was called to jury duty today. They say it's a good thing, your right as an american, your duty as an American................ I would like to someday sit on a jury but not this day. My kids are so little and the thoughts of not being home and in charge of them is scary. The oldest 2 would be in school all day and Wild Man was dropped off at my best friends house; and that right there is reason to worry. Oh Wild Man how you wear me out and now I have dropped you off to wear out the friends.:) I have never had the honor/duty/stress of jury service before. I have recieved 2 you will do this invites but one was to take place the week my little cheerleader was born and the other just months after Wild Man was born. I sent a note back saying with her hey I will be giving birth that week and recieved back you have been relieved of service. Then with Wild Man I called and asked "can I bring a nursing bab". I already knew the answer would be no and they said they would put me back in the pool for a later date. Well, later arrived and last night I heard the automated lady say I would be needed for duty on the 12th. Oh yea!!!!!! My letter to her would say: Dear Automated Lady, do you know what it is like for a momma of 3 to have to hang up the phone and then find a sitter for the Wild Man, find a sub to cover your crossings, call your crossing partner to fill in the details, help 2 big kids to memorize the schedule of going to school, coming home from school, getting ready for baseball and so on. If I could make one teeny tiny request is there anyway we can know maybe 24 hours in advance so that finding the substitute mommy, taxi, crossing guard would be a little easier. All arrangements were made, I got there on time (i know, big accomplishment for me) and then sat and waited and waited!!! In the end I was not chosen and I relieved the sub mommy and took over the schedule. Someday, when the kids are big and life for me has less in it I would really enjoy sitting on a jury and partaking in my rights as an American but I am glad it wasn't today.