Thursday, March 26, 2009

Chews to be Wild

Snow makes me tired, gloomy and not in the mood for house work. So, this week with the crappy weather the house has gone unattended to. This morning when we woke to our daily morning rush and of course the vow to wake up earlier tommorrow, I tripped over a toy in the hallway, okay okay so it is time to get busy!! This morning I have been running around trying to get picked up, laundry done and dishes washed. Note to self: when the snow falls don't stop cleaning, we are out of control! Wild Man follows me around making messes where I clean, then he will play for a bit and bug Molly who is still feeling sorry for herself and her wound and then he will come back to help me again. In the midst of my cleaning frenzy I realize it has been a few minutes since I have seen or heard my Wild Man. I head out in search of him, and where is he hiding, in the "boys" bathroom downstairs. He has emptied the garbage can and is happily surounded in toilet paper, wrappers and trash and is trying to get the last little drop out of a Wendy's cup. I clean up the garbage and bring him back upstairs to play. He goes on with his play and I continue the clean up battle. He soon joins me in the kitchen, holding his sippy chanting more, more, more. I take his cup and notice he is chewing something. I bend down and see this little bit of pink poking out the side of his mouth. I get him to open his mouth and what do ya know................................... he is chewing gum!!! I am sure that he found his treasure during his hunt through the garbage. I laugh and take it away and he screams at me and trys to retrieve it from the garbage, luckily the kitchen can is to deep for his little arms. So, it leaves me to wonder........... how long would he have chewed it for? and who taught him how to chew gum??

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What LIFE is....

LIFE...... the crazy, fun and exciting road of SICKNESS. Yes, SICKNESS that is where we have found ourselves since Nov. At least one member of the household has been sick from to Nov. to current. We have seen more doctors, insta cares, emergency rooms and hospitals than anyone would like. From the constant ear infection that our Wild Man has had well from the day he was born pretty much to lots and lots of snot from everyone and then there was the great flu-cold we all took a turn with to Dad getting bronchitis to Mr. Football getting a an infection in his saliva gland requiring meds and plenty of Sour War heads to clear the spit out. Never thought a doc would tell you give your child sour candy!?!?!? Then more ear infections and a great infection on the bottom gum of Wild Man to Mom getting her gall bladder removed (a little side note: when you are experiencing horrible stomach pains that goes around to your back and up between your shoulder blades and everything you it makes it worse, listen to your husband and see the doc. 7 quarter sized gall stones later and plenty of small ones, wish I would have listened to him last year) getting my gall bladder out gave me a 150% turn around; i feel amazing! Then Mom got strep throat and what do ya know Mr. Football gets strep throat. After 4 1/2 months of constant sickness, lysol being sprayed over and over around the house, you finally get to a day where you realize no one is on an antibiotic, no one!!! You feel an odd smile creeping up on your face, thinking what a funny thing to be excited about but this is exciting then what happends.................. Molly, the little faithful family companion wants to have her turn, yes that is right our dog was feeling left out so last night she had to have surgery to open an infection she has on her back, they tell you it could have been from a cat, or a spider bite or something that poked into her. Okay, great! Thanks Molly for ruining the moment.. Now, where are you Spring because seriously we can't take another anitbiotic, hospital, doctors office or BILL!!!!
LIFE is also changes. My calling as Young Women's president saddly came to an end about 4 weeks ago. I cried so hard you would have thought something terrible happend, well in a way it did. How do you go from devoting your life to amazing girls, who are now part of your family to just a friend? It has been a hard transition and yes I know we can forever be in each others lifes but it is hard, they are in great hands, my friend Amy who was my counselor is now the pres and she will be awesome but I was sad to let it go. Change is good though and I now look forward to my new calling I just recieved as 2nd counselor in the Relief Society. It will also be a great place to serve and I can get to know all the women I don't know who moved in while I was down the hall in the land of girls. We have also moved from Basketball to Baseball for Mr. Football and we look forward to a fun season, now of course this is just a way to pass the time until Fall arrives and Football is in full force. Our cheerleader is still cheering away! She is nearing the end of kindergarten and so looking forward to 2 recesses a day and lunch at school. Wild Man is still wild, he finds a way to reach the dog food, why is it a good treat??? I will never know. He climbs everything and destroys everything. A little tornado with the cutest smile you have ever seen!! He is for sure a highlite of every day. Never a boring moment with him.
Any way, one thing I should and will work on- more posts so they can be shorter in length!!

Starting a new blog

My plans of starting a new blog.............. you may be wondering what happened to us....... LIFE happened. You know that crazy thing that never slows down. My plans of a new blog..... I decided that I needed something that was more ME and my family, now is JohnsonLand a little more fitting, YES it is. Also, we will no longer be private this way grandma, girls and friends from around can see whats up with us. We will refer to all our cast members as the dad, the mom, Mr. Football, our beautiful cheerleader and of course Wild Man, and Molly the dog as herself. Hopefully, I will be a lot more diligent in posting the ins and outs of Johnson life. So, welcome to our blog.